Pulse Management

Our expertise in laser technology extends to pulse management options for every type of system. Each offers a unique set of APE innovations to ensure greater control, flexibility, and ease.

Pulse Selection

As part of our dynamic Pulse range, A·P·E has developed pulseSelect as an AOM (acousto-optic modulator) based pulse picker, specially developed for the needs of femtosecond and picosecond laser technology. We also offer a choice of cavity dumper solutions. Customers with a Coherent Mira or Mantis laser can take advantage of our advanced pulseSwitch cavity dumper, while those with Ti:Sapphire, ion, dye and other laser types can select a Cavity Dumper Kit.


The cavity dumper pulseSwitch is an acousto-optical switch, which - unlike pulse pickers - is integrated into the laser resonator.

The intracavity operation allows for variable reduction of the pulse repetition rate in mode-locked laser systems while increasing the pulse energy at the same time. This is particularly effective in combination with non-linear converters like SHG and THG.



  • Designed for use with the Coherent Mira 900 femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser
  • Combined cavity dumper / pulse picker (optional)
  • Picosecond cavity dumper version
  • Integrated SHG option with conversion efficiencies of 40% and more
  • Easy to install and remove


Wavelength (with Coherent Mira 900) 710 ... 980 nm for 8 W pumped Mira1)
710 ... 900 nm for 5 W pumped Mira1)
Repetition rate 10 MHz ... 200 Hz (internal divider)
3 MHz down to single shot (external trigger)
Pulse Energy 40 nJ / pulse @ 500 KHz, 800 nm (typ.> 60 nJ)
Contrast ratio > 500 : 1 (for non-adjacent pulses)
> 300 : 1 (typ., for adjacent pulses)
Pulse duration < 150 fs @ 500 kHz, 800 nm (typ. 120 fs)
Spatial mode TEM00
Polarization linear / horizontal
Beam quality (typ. values)  
    M2 1.15
    beam diameter (1/e2) 1.1 nm at exit port
    beam divergence (full angle) 1.4 mrad
1) Max. pump power - max. pulse energy limited by onset of double pulsing



Germany Austria and Switzerland: A·P·E Gmbh

Other countries worldwide: Coherent Laser Group

  • SHG (integrated) efficiency 35 % @ 800 nm, 40 nJ (typ. 45 %)
  • Pulse picker configuration efficiency 50 % @ 800 nm, 4 MHz (typ. 60 %)