LX Spider

Pulse Diagnostics

A·P·E offers a choice of solutions for ultrafast pulse measurements. Each is tailored to your type of laser system, with a wealth of innovations for greater accuracy and user simplicity.


Our Spider family is designed for phase resolved ultrafast pulse measurements. FC (Few Cycle) Spider offers a precision tool for the complete characterization of ultrashort laser pulses with just a few electric field cycles — down to 5 fs pulse width. LX Spider is a highly compact instrument for the characterization of femtosecond laser pulses in the range of 16 ... 200 fs.


The LX Spider is a compact and robust instrument for complete spectral and temporal characterization of femtosecond laser pulses in the range of approximately 16 ... 200 fs (with two exchangeable Optics Sets - one included with the unit).

The LX Spider measures the spectral amplitude and phase using the SPIDER (Spectral Phase Interferometry for Direct Electric-field Reconstruction) principle. It is based on a patented technology1), using a single crystal to upconvert the two test pulse replicas and to introduce the spectral shear without the need for an additional chirped pulse. From the spectral information the temporal amplitude and phase are calculated in real time.

Due to the drastically simplified setup, the LX Spider is very compact as well as easy to align and use. With its automation, calibration is done via simply a mouse click in a matter of seconds. Offering real time operation, the automated LX Spider is the ideal tool for the optimization of complex ultrafast setups like amplifiers and pulse compressors.

The instrument comes ready to use including all required software.

Watch our LX Spider video.

1) International Patent Application PCT/GB2006/001823, May 18th, 2006




  • Compact and robust design
  • Easy alignment
  • Real time operation
  • Fully automated
  • Single-shot capability


Wavelength range 750 ... 900 nm  
  Optics set 1 Optics set 2
Pulse width (for transform limited pulses)

16 ... 80 fs1)

70 ... 200 fs

Spectral bandwidth 65 ... 13 nm 15 ... 5 nm
Pulse width (for non-transform limited pulses) < 150 fs < 300 fs
Input polarization linear / any orientation
Input power > 10 mW @ 80 MHz, 80 fs
approx. 20 mW @ 5 kHz, 35 fs
Size 180 x 215 x 100 mm3


1) With enhanced accuracy down to 25 fs / 40 nm (theoretical reconstruction error < 1%)


This device is available directly via A·P·E and in the countries listed below via our exclusive distribution partners:

Australia: Coherent Scientific

China: Pinnacle / PulsePower

France: Optoprim

Great Britain and Ireland: Photonic Solutions

India: Laser Science

Israel: Ammo Engineering

Japan: Phototechnica

Korea: RayVis

Poland: Eurotek

Scandinavia, Baltic States: Gammadata

Singapore: AceXon

Spain, Portugal: Innova Scientific

Switzerland: Dyneos

Taiwan: SuperbIN

USA, Canada, Middle and South America: A.P.E America


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